It’s a sunny day once again on a Saturday, woke up early even when I came home around 1am after watching Harry Potter 6 with my girlfriends; which by the way I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a few days ago. It’s a great book, really had me glued to my […]

Positive Note

Time flies so fast we’re now in the middle of 2009 and yet nothing seems to improve. Instead everyone suffers from the financial crisis that shocked everyone last quarter of 2008. Prices are going up and yet people’s earning stays the same, some even needs to be cut-down and worst a lot of people lost […]

Hideaway… Found a Way!

Where do you go?That was the question that I always ask myself typically in times when I am faced with a dilemma. I escape when I can no longer handle a situation; if I can’t break-out I am like a dead-man walking. I am there but I’m not. More often than not I meander to […]

Sailing with Mrs Potts & Mrs. Grill

The best books are those written by the heart and not by the mind. Because what the heart says touches the souls of others. The best stories I wrote were those times when my heart was broken. I don’t pour out my pain on other people instead I go on isolation and spend my silence […]

Manga-on Na!

Emote Icon: Soundtrack: Wind Beneath my Wings Inspiration: Family A friend asked me a question once which he warned me might stress me out. I got intrigued and told him to shoot away because I like to make my mind grind. “What is the one thing that is constant in this world?” he asked. I […]

Stardust and Wishes

Emote Icon: Soundtrack:Stardust by Nat King Cole Inspiration: Fireworks I was going to write about my Christmas wishes in the past but I guess I am having memory problem nowadays. I could not remember my Christmas wishes anymore, either that or I never really made wishes. All I can remember was the My Melody watch […]

We Come in Pairs

Emote Icon: Soundtrack: Fly Me to the Moon Inspiration: HANCOCK I watched a movie today…alone. I had fun though if you think otherwise. Totally relaxing and entertaining for me for 2 hours just munching my popcorn and sippin’ my ice tea while viewing Will Smith on the big screen. I Love the Guy! I just […]

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme

Today the sun shines brightly after days of rain and mud. A fine day to go outside let the sun kiss my skin. I went to our backyard and there I found our hammock which I gave to my father when he retired years back. This is where my father would usually spend most of […]


“One who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; one who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.~ Chinese Proverb” I am fond of using GOOGLE search engine. It leads me to a lot of discoveries, lets me travel back to ancient history and is amazingly generous with informations. Just a […]

Throwing Pebbles…

Throw a pebble on the water and it creates a ripple. From one tiny circle it grows and reaches far even to places we do not see. I always believe that words have the power to save a life, inspire and make dreams come true. Like the pebble may my words create ripples that can […]