In one of my previous posts I wrote about things I would want to say to someone but just couldn’t tell it to his/her face. I actually got that idea from Ms. Lea’s multiply site which she also got from another blogger. There’s no mention of names just the thoughts you would have desired to […]

Keep Walking On Sunshine

Emote Icon: Soundtrack: Sunshiny Day! Inspiration: A girl friend I would often times refuse to see what is obvious and hurtful or damaging to ourselves or to people we love. I never believe in hearsay even when a lot of people confirmed it not unless it is coming from the direct person involve. I would […]

Eastern Light

Emote Icon:Soundtrack: i feel good!Inspiration: my dark knight A lot of good things happen to me this week.I have counted the ways and I am thankful for the wonderful blessings…BIG and small.I think I don’t have to write them down here one by one.It is best etched in my heart.I just want to share to […]