Wellness Wednesday – Healthy Morning Rituals

Either you run the day or the day runs you. – Jim Rohn

IMG_0020Each of us has a unique way of having morning rituals that works for us to make it through the day. I would like to share with you how I do mine, and it’s pretty simple and basic.

First and foremost it is important to have a good amount of sleep at night to wake up energized and refreshed in the morning. It would help to know your chronotype that way you can have a guide that can make you more productive with your time knowing which hours you can perform best. Here is a link to the quiz by Dr. Michael Breus to know your chronotype. My chronotype is a Bear of which 50% of the people fall in that category. Dave on the other hand is a Lion just basing on how very early he rises at 4 am in the morning, which i have adopted in my routine and somehow works for me even if typically a bear rises at around 7am.

Waking up early has a a lot of good benefits, you get a lot of things done and you feel good. I used to stay up as late as midnight to 1 am and wake up around 6am. And because of the lack of sleep I was often sleepy, tired, not very attentive and unfocused thus making me unproductive and relating to others may not be too efficient. Often times when I didn’t have enough sleep it results to laziness, cranky mood and maybe even a migraine.

Going back on my Healthy Morning routine; number one on the list is have a good enough sleep the night before, 6 – 8 hours.

2nd if you need an alarm to wake you up try as much to use the mechanical alarm clock and avoid the digital ones with the blue light. You must sleep in total darkness ban any artificial lights in the bedroom. Ideally no phones in the bedroom so there will be no disruption put it in silent mode even if it’s outside the bedroom. But if you are using your smartphone as alarm try to put it in airplane  mode to avoid EMF (Electro Magnetic Field). I can talk about EMF more in the future.

3rd, don’t check your phone or go scrolling on your email or social media after turning off your alarm. If you are a couple, hug and cuddle for a few minutes nothing is more energizing than a good hug and a kiss from the person we love at the start of our day. This is your moment with the people you love. If you think of it you spend more hours at work than with people at home so savor every time you have with them. Your email can wait when you clock in. Don’t take your family and love ones for granted. If you are single, still be grateful that you are gifted with another day to celebrate life and who knows today may be the day love finds you.

4th, prepare yourself a warm drink….coffee or tea. If you are avoiding caffeine there’s decaf coffee and there are herb teas or organic teas that will tell you if it’s caffeine free. And of course my favorite Hot Dark Chocolate. Dave brews his own coffee the classic way, he makes sure it’s organic and light roast. If I do drink tea i do the red roiboos tea with  creamer or almond milk if you are lactose intolerant. Yummy! For a quick breakfast on the go we just boil our eggs and we eat the yolk rather than the white because it has more of the vitamins and nutrients, contrary to what most people think otherwise. Sometimes we do bacons or frittata but that is mostly on the weekends. Definitely no sugar or Sugary stuff in the morning even fruits with a good amount of fructose because they can spike up your blood sugar and make you hungry easily, frequently.

5th, have a good shower. I am very low key and low maintenance I can get ready in 10-15 minutes. I don’t have time to blow dry my hair so almost always I do pony tail or do a bun for my hair, moisturize and no make up. Sometimes if i have the time to remember i put on eye brow liner and lipstick. I am just glad that eating healthy helped my skin to get better and free from acne of which was a problem for years. And i get to save money from all those foundations i used to invest on to cover my imperfections. Good skin really starts from within by putting healthy food in your body. But hey when it’s date night I do a little more effort to doll me up.

6th, never leave the house without kissing or hugging the people in your home, yes even the furry ones. They are your source of inspiration, your motivation to be a better you and the ones you look forward to going home to.

7th, Drive safe. My commute to work takes 30 minutes, if i leave home by 5:15am I am there by 5:45am. 15 minutes earlier before my work grind starts. While driving to work I try to listen to a podcast radio. Sometimes I listen  and pray along with a catholic station with prayers like the divine mercy chaplet or the Holy rosary. The rest of the time I either listen to an audible book of which this week I am listening to PCOS by Simon Lloyd or to any Health or Leadership Stations that is in my library podcast. It is the best time to learn something, early in the morning where our brain is waking up and  not yet that exhausted. It absorbs information like a sponge so take advantage of that instead of listening to music. I do that on the way home when I try to just let my brain chill after knock off time. So there you go, by the time I arrive to work I am ready to seize the day and conquer my goals. But in all these I always say it in my heart I am thankful for another day for the gift of life and giving Glory to him by doing the best I can in all I do and hoping that I always make Him proud.

To God be the Glory!

i remain,


Wellness Wednesday – Donating Blood can be Good for your Health!

“Heroes comes in all shapes and sizes. No matter what, measure up. Be someone’s hero today.” – Richard Norris

My Beau, has been bugging me for sometime to help him find and come with him to a blood donation center. He has been studying about the health benefits that it can do to your body. So it works both ways, you get to help one or more person with your blood donation and doing so helps to improve your health. It is his first time to donate blood and I am very proud he did this phenomenal choice and plans to do so twice a year.


I am no doctor but here is a perfect explanation from one of our favorite Alternative Medicine Doctor  known in the  Paleo Movement, Dr. Joseph Mercola.

The Benefits of Donating Blood (Excerpt from Dr. Mercolas’s Article)

1. Balance Iron Levels in Your Blood

For each unit of blood donated, you lose about one-quarter of a gram of iron.

You may at first think this is a bad thing, since too little iron may lead to fatigue, decreased immunity, or iron-deficiency anemia (which I was diagnosed a year ago), which can be serious if left untreated. This is common in children and premenopausal women. But what many people fail to realize is that too much iron can be worse, and is actually far more common than iron deficiency (especially in men and postmenopausal women). So for many, the fact that donating blood helps to rid your body of excess iron is one of the greatest benefits it offers. It has been long known that menstruating women have fewer heart attacks. This was previously thought to be due to hormones but is now thought to be due to lower iron levels.

Similar to premenopausal women, blood donors have been found to be 88 percent less likely to suffer from a heart attack,  and this is thought to be due to its effects on iron levels. Researchers explained:

Because high body iron stores have been suggested as a risk factor for acute myocardial infarction, donation of blood could theoretically reduce the risk by lowering body iron stores.”

2. Better Blood Flow

Do you know what a high-sugar diet, smoking, radio frequencies, and other toxic electromagnetic forces, emotional stress, anxiety, high cholesterol, and high uric acid levels do to your blood? All of these make your blood hypercoagulable, meaning it makes it thick and slow moving, which increases your risk of having a blood clot or stroke. Hypercoagulable blood contributes to inflammation, because when your blood does not flow well, oxygen can’t get to your tissues.

Repeated blood donations may help your blood to flow better, possibly helping to limit damage to the lining of your blood vessels, which should result in fewer arterial blockages.

What is clear is that blood donors seem to not be hospitalized so often and if they are, they have shorter lengths of stay… And they’re less likely to get heart attacks, strokes, and cancers.”

3. You Get a Mini Physical

Every blood donor gets a “mini physical” prior to donation. Your temperature will be checked along with your blood pressure, pulse, and hemoglobin. Your blood will also be tested for 13 infectious diseases like HIV, hepatitis B and C, West Nile Virus, and syphilis.

Donating blood is certainly not a replacement for medical care, but it does give you a (free) glimpse into your health (as well as notice if you’ve been exposed to an infectious disease without knowing).

4. A Longer Life

People who volunteer for altruistic reasons, i.e. to help others rather than themselves, appear to live longer than those who volunteer for more self-centered reasons. Altruistic volunteers enjoyed a significantly reduced risk of mortality four years later according to one study,6 with the study’s lead author noting:7

“This could mean that people who volunteer with other people as their main motivation may be buffered from potential stressors associated with volunteering, such as time constraints and lack of pay.”

So there you go, it remains to stay true that when your hands are open to give, blessings comes in hundredfolds. This seems to be a very simple act of kindness but it is truly heroic that you are giving part of yourself. He did get a little weak after, but was still able to drive of which I was supposed to do but he insisted. He was advised not to get too much excitement or activity but to just rest and let his body recover and regenerate. And surely he did with that handsome smile that I first saw the next morning.

David Clark, First Time Blood Donor at Stanford Blood Center

I hope this will somehow give you the curiosity to find out more about this good deed that comes with good benefits. May it somehow nudge you a bit in that direction to live life healthy, peacefully happy and to continue to have that desire to learn what can give us the power for longevity.

i remain,