Decorating our Christmas Tree (2017)

This is the 2nd installment of the Christmas Tree Video. It’s my turn to do the hard work this time. Good thing it is one of the things I love to do…. decorating. It brings out the creative side of me. And research shows doing the artsy activity of Christmas decorating is therapeutic. Just like doing painting and playing musical instruments, it’s relaxing at the same time good for the brain.

I’ll let you watch the video below and I hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays!



Happiest Christmas Tree

The Sunday after thanksgiving Dave fulfilled his promise that he will get us a fresh Christmas tree. I was so looking forward to shopping for real Christmas Tree, it was going to be my first. However, the day was not very cooperative as it was pouring that day. But rain or shine he said we will go and if he must he will chopped it down himself. I was expecting to go at Christmas Tree farm in Half Moon Bay because we always passed by it when we go to the beach. But he made a sudden turn towards the Skyline Blvd and drove through the Redwoods towards La Honda. He said he will take me to a much bigger farm. fullsizeoutput_1a1fThe place was called Skyline Ranch Christmas Tree Farm, and the drive on the way was scenic and just amazing even with the rain. If I may say it made it more exciting and fun. Below is the video of our fun adventure to get a blue spruce Christmas Tree. The most essential part of our activity is the bonding as family in working together amidst the pouring rain and having fun at the same time.


Him being a very handyman did most of  the hard work and I was like the happy kid playing in the rain.  Lol!  These are one of the times when we women are so thankful for the men in our lives. You can also say he is Santa and I’m his happy elf! I did help! 🤪

I will now look forward to this annual tradition as it is a great joyous family experience. May this inspire you and your family to do wonderful things together. Enjoy the video!

Happy Holidays!



Love Letter to SuperDave

Dear Super D,

It’s been eons since I’ve written a love letter and i hope my words will still make a mark, a ripple if not waves… most especially in your heart.

Twenty something years ago, I used to spend solitary time at the beach watching the horizon. Something tells me my future is beyond that horizon, maybe doing the same way I do. Wishing, hoping and praying. I believed and hold that in my heart the future will arrive. It always does. The journey getting there was marvelous. I do not say it was all happy and perfect. But it was a journey that molded me to get better and better in life, and as a person. I have and still am grateful for everything I had gone through, and all the wonderful people and even the not so good ones for they all played an important role in leading me to you. I believe I was whole and content just by being me.

Cambria is Love

And then you came and I realized I still can get better. With you, I can be my best self. I have found the best cheerleader who not only puts me on a pedestal but most of all always cradles me in his arms in the most loving ways i’ve known.

We have a long future ahead of us chasing sunsets and sunrise  and playing underneath the sun too. Most of all we have each other as sunshine for a lifetime and yes the best is yet to come. But Today (Now and always ) we savor… savor…savor.

il mio amore,