It’s a sunny day once again on a Saturday, woke up early even when I came home around 1am after watching Harry Potter 6 with my girlfriends; which by the way I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a few days ago. It’s a great book, really had me glued to my […]

His Thoughts on a Pedestal

I have been pondering what to write this week I really get exhausted at the end of the day. What came to mind at first was to make a list of random questions that came to mind time and again whether it made sense or not. Then I thought of writing about embarrassing moments and […]

An Open Mind

A right is not what someone gives you; it’s what no one can take from you. ~ Ramsey Clark I have not been blogging for months it just went out of my system for awhile. My work was eating 95% of my time and it was eating up my health as well. That job was […]

Throwing Pebbles…

Throw a pebble on the water and it creates a ripple. From one tiny circle it grows and reaches far even to places we do not see. I always believe that words have the power to save a life, inspire and make dreams come true. Like the pebble may my words create ripples that can […]