Be Healthful, not Toxic

I do not understand why sometimes people only reach out to you for this 2 reasons: 1. They need something from you, wether money or a favor. And you don’t hear from them until the next time they need it. Like you only pop in their mind for this purpose. 2. They want to share […]


Poetry allows me to imagine what only the heart can see.  Love is felt beyond words… It needs to be held and cared. Songs makes me hear the cry of a broken heart. Pain needs to be felt… even in the most softest melody.

Yosemite… A Paradise within a Wilderness

Yosemite National Park My most recent roadtrip to central california. I went on a solo drive to Fresno for 3 hours straight. The road was not that difficult to drive compared to Highway 1 but not very scenic as Highway 1. Nevertheless I was relieve to arrive in one piece or no traffic violation whatsoever. […]

Hakuna Matata

Last night i had a hard time dozing to sleep, my mind was just busy grinding. On hindsight, it was a waste of time. Now i am reminded of what I would often tell someone then, who thinks too much,  “Don’t worry about something that has not or may not happen. It is a waste […]

a fool’s day

if yesterday was bad, today was worst. and i wish at the end of the day someone will say Happy April Fools day! that it was just all a prank — but it wasn’t. moments like this i wish i was not a grown up that i was just another little kid without a care […]

rainy days on a manic monday

Been pouring out the whole day, it seems the rain is enjoying soaking us up. Migraine was like a dark cloud that was hovering over my head since last night but it got worst this morning that I have to take Advil so I can function at work. It was Monday and it was a […]

thoughts on paper

I miss the sound of how the pen flows on the paper as I write on my diary or journal. But so much more the comfort that it brings as I pour my thoughts and the waves of emotions that my heart feels. I don’t have a gift as a writer, I don’t even have […]

Dawn Realizations

It’s dawn here, had fallen asleep while watching tv with my work attire still on. I was so sleepy the whole afternoon must be the meds that i took. Anyways…here I am musing since sleep has not kick in. Things that i came to realized… * A controlling person will always say she’s right and […]