Don’t be quick to judge!

Before you condemn someone or a group of people make sure you did enough research, investigation and the messenger is reliable. Be careful to fan the flames that is already creating division, destroying trust, preventing recovery of growth and reconciliation. Don’t just carry out a message out of a current emotion but have a balance […]

Be Healthful, not Toxic

I do not understand why sometimes people only reach out to you for this 2 reasons: 1. They need something from you, wether money or a favor. And you don’t hear from them until the next time they need it. Like you only pop in their mind for this purpose. 2. They want to share […]


Poetry allows me to imagine what only the heart can see.  Love is felt beyond words… It needs to be held and cared. Songs makes me hear the cry of a broken heart. Pain needs to be felt… even in the most softest melody.