Judy May Clark
One of Paulo Coelho’s book was my inspiration to come up with the name Flow Happy. It was either “Like a Flowing River” or “Warrior of the Light.” 
In one of his stories he mentioned something like this or so, that our Life is like a flowing river, it keeps moving and adapting to every turn be it rocky, wild or calm. And in the end it reaches the vast ocean where we all just become one.
When I started the idea of Flow Happy it was just to share something creative that will inspire and motivate you in whatever goal you are pursuing at the present. But then one day my then boyfriend who is now my husband comments from out of nowhere, probably because I kept commenting on his coaching journey… he says, “I believe you will be a great coach.” I just laughed it off, I said I am too shy to be coaching someone specially a stranger. Months passed and I never entertained the idea until later when I saw and feel the good changes in my health journey. I wanted to keep on practicing and continue to learn more about health and wellness, and to live every message I preach. At the outset it was just for my own health benefit. As i keep learning more I am becoming a vessel that is at the point of overflowing. Such knowledge should not be kept in a box, it should be spread for that is its purpose. So now I am pivoting from being a creative video enthusiast hiding behind a camera to a health coach who will be your guide in reaching your goal to a healthy life so you can achieve more of your life goals.
Another reason that pushed me to this mission is autoimmune disease, chronic diseases and death seems to come at an early age to people nowadays, where it usually are just older people who experience them due to natural aging. I have known a couple of family and friends including my first husband, who embrace death at a young age. He died at the age of 41, due to stroke and aneurism. And there were many more after him who went down that path probably different kinds of disease but it was always a health issue. It always breaks my heart whenever I hear such news of friends passing on. I believe there is a way for us to live longer but you have to take accountability and that is something I will work with you as a health coach. And I will be very happy to see you graduate from my care one day and spread what you have learned by being a living example of living your best healthy and happy life and aiming to live longer so you can witness your dreams unfold.
That is Flow Happy at this point, but who knows what is around the bend. Life is always full of opportunities and I’ll just keep an open mind when it is time to make a pivot, because that is the way to grow. And always remember to flow happy in your journey.
I hope to hear from you when you book your Discovery Call!

i remain,