I am an easygoing person who has a zest for life and adventure. I love for the things around me to be happy although in reality that is not always the case. However, I have always believed happiness comes from with in. The moment you were conceived in your mother’s womb that happiness developed with your growth from a tiny miraculous egg into this amazing human who is reading this message because you know you can be better and so much more.

Stay tune as I tell you more about me, my journey and my purpose of being here.

My Footprints in Pescadero Beach, CA

We all live a mark or a trace or a footprint but the significance of how it was accomplished is what can make the traces linger, maybe for awhile or probably infinitely. Common thing: the happiness we live behind.

One of the things that keeps moment alive for a long long time is through stories, photographs and videos. These are one of the many things that Flow Happy will share and so much more as we journey to the future and beyond.

Come walk with me in this journey!

i remain,