Series: Exploring WA – Episode: Ferry Ride

A man is never lost at sea.

Ernest Hemmingway

Taken last Memorial Day weekend.

I have been working from home for months, to explore outdoor is my way of taking a break from being in the same place 24 hours a day 7 days week. I have been thinking of Lavender fields as the next trip after my Tulip Festival escapade. And as usual, this trip was not planned, meaning I didn’t research ahead on what will be the stops, schedules of shops and places I was thinking of visiting.

The beauty of unplanned things is it makes you a little uncomfortable but it motivates you to think of ways wisely and creatively how to deal with surprises on your journey. And still be able to enjoy the day and come home satisfied!

I didn’t know I was going to be on a barge/ ferry to get to where I wanted. The moment I saw it, I called my husband and told him I am scared and wanted to drive back home. But my husband knowing my carefree nature and love for exploring new places encouragingly said “Sweetheart, you woke up early and drove there for almost an hour. The ferry ride will be nice, it is quick and just enjoy the day you have been looking forward to this. You have come a long way, keep going and we will see you later.” Now, that made me love my husband more, giving me the freedom to do what I love. I do wish that he was with me, but we both agreed that we can’t bring our puppy, Rocko on long road trips just yet, so one of us always had to stay with him. So this trip is my “Me Time”, juday the explorer mode. 🙂

When I arrived at the Port the line of vehicles that was going to ride the barge was mind blowing. It went for miles and miles. It took over an hour  to wait in line to get in the barge. I  was traveling alone so I can’t leave my car to go for a restroom break. My bladder was just screaming to explode. LOL! I suggest you go there early, check the schedule of the ferry they do have trips every 30 minutes.  Much better if you have company so you can take turns to drive. If you have a set schedule to be there a certain time go early or give it allowance for a possible long line of vehicle waiting. For schedules of the barge visit this link

The ferry is very clean and well maintained, the ride was pretty smooth and luckily the sun was out and the sky was clear. Later in the day though upon the ride back home it was a little windy since the sun was going down. Nevertheless, i enjoyed every moment of this escapade.

Enjoy Watching!

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