Spring 2021 Series: Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer, i must go out and deep breathly again.

Gustav Mahler

I asked my husband friday night if we, together with Rocko can go out on a hike the next day, saturday. He readily said “of course”, so i started googling for flower fields nearby.

The next day as we all got settled in the car driving towards Redmond and I set up the GPS to our destination. My husband just saw it was an hour and 15 minutes drive one way. He said “Babe, you never told me it will be that far. I don’t want to confuse the dog for long drives that we are moving again.” I apologized for not planning too well but my husband knows of my wandering nature and told me “You should go explore and enjoy the flowers. I would love to go with you but lets do short trips for him until he is ready for longer drives. But for now enjoy the day, i will take care of the dog.” I am very lucky to have this man who understands what i crave for. But i couldn’t help to blurt out, “who is going to take my picture?” Haha! “Use your selfie stick thing, you are good at those.” He says with a joking smile.

I couldn’t complain as he was giving me the freedom to go on a drive and explore. Made me love my husband more. So I went on and breath fresh air and appreciated the beauty of this earth. As I drive back home I couldn’t wait to share the love bucket to my two boys that has been refilled from the freedom and happiness on my little short solo exploration.

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival runs from April 1 to 30 this year. There are 2 places you can opt to go or you can do both if you got a lot of time. There is the Tulip town that has options for activities and probably has more diverse style than just a flower field like the Roozengaarden which was the one i opted to go because i really didn’t have the patience to wait on a long traffic line to get in to Tulip Town and the ticket was sold out online. It is best to get ticket online ahead to get in to the schedule of tours and activities. Otherwise if you just want to sight see there is the general admission for $10 but go there early they open at 9am. The Roozengaarden has $15 parking fee and there is a 20 acre daffodil fields and 25 acre tulip fields. It was a lovely walk with those vibrant colors of the blooms and with the Mt. Vernon at the background it was just breathtaking I think the pictures doesn’t truly justify what I experience. For more information on the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival click the link below.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

I look forward to adventures with my two boys and make new memories. At the same time savoring the freedom of solo exploration for this meandering brown girl. Thankful and blessed!

I remain,

judy may

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