Stinky Treats in my Pocket


Since having Rocko I often find treats in the pockets of my pants or jacket. My hands sometimes smell of dog treats or dried wild caught minnows, which is a small dried fish. So don’t ever wonder if i shake hands with you, (which at the current pandemic regulations may not happen anytime soon) and you thought I just ate “Bulad” which is Filipino’s dried salted fish with my bare hands. Pardon me, I don’t mean to disgust you with the stink, I guess I just love my dog a lot. He’s just 12 weeks and whenever he responds to a command i trained him, I reward him with a treat. And a lot of praise and good old gentle patting. It work both ways he gets a reward for something good he has done, and i feel an immense feeling of fulfillment that my training him showed results. Love works in mysterious ways as the song of Julia Fordham goes, and often times it’s in the little things put all together on a daily basis that matters most. We are both happy.

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