9 years passed, another cycle starts.

9 years. Today marks my 9th year since I arrived in USA. Before I left the Philippines I met with some friends from the Integrative Health Community. I had some Reike sessions among those meetings, as well as with a visionary priest who had X-ray vision and can see if there is any illness in my body just with his naked eye. Sounds mind blowing right? Or maybe some might find it freaky. Besides that he can tell how the person is doing health wise just by looking at a picture. I know it sounds like a hoax but what he told me when I showed him a photo of my first husband who was then waiting for me here the USA gave me chills, “Why are you still here? You need to be with him he is ill.” I never knew he was sick or ailing, he never tells me anything that worries me. He is very strong willed he thinks he can just solve everything on his own. That conversation with the priest was just a few months before I got reunited with him. And just a few days after I arrived he passed away due to stroke/aneurism. So wether it was a hoax or not some things in this world is a mystery. It is up to our faith wether we believe it or not.

9 years in every persons life is one phase or cycle, the cycle just repeats so my friend says who taught me how to practice reike and see some aura during meditation. No I have lost those aura vision I guess because I stopped practicing it. Every persons life path is unique but the cycle is all 9 years. 9 years ago was the toughest year I had but at the same time towards the end of the year it gave me hope and promising beginnings. A fresh start that actually lead me to find the best of who I can become in this foreign country. Most important of all was the people along the way that never made me feel I was alone in the toughest journey of my life. At 45 marks the end of the 5th cycle, and I tell you just like 9 years ago I lost another Angel last summer. His name is Maverick and he would have been a handsome boy, strong like his dad and adventurous like his mom if he came full term end of this month or early March. I know not just because i had genetic test, he was in my dreams. I hope to see him one day, but not just yet my son.

As a new cycle begins 2021 has started with a lot of challenges already. I am looking forward to not just surviving but living life the best I can for whatever each day may offer. I only ask for strength to make it through the tough times and angels sent along the way when all strength seem gone or depleted. And just like how I view every situation or circumstance, it is all temporary both joy and pain, wins or losses, success or failure, celebrations or disappointments. Even in times of unity, division, gathering, isolation or separation. They are temporary, as they arrive soon it will pass and I hope you never miss the lesson or the essence that gave you wisdom or love for that experience. However it turns out may you always come out a better person. Savor every moment.

I remain,

Judy May

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