Bread Crumbs – 01/17/2021

On a lighter note today.

Was reading out loud, the latest article of Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple to my husband. It was about him getting Covid around Thanksgiving. My husband asked if there were people who shared their own Covid experience in the comment section. So I kept reading. As I was reading, most of them have symptoms on loss of sense of taste and smell. I can not help but comment to my husband,

“You know babe, somehow I appreciate now that I am able to smell your fart most days. That means I don’t have Covid!” and my husband replied, “I’d be glad to do it everyday for you dear. Enough of the sad stories.” Then he reached out for the supplements vitamin D and Zinc. And we looked at each other for a second and laughed.

True Story.

Appreciate the little things even if it stinks. 😉

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