Be Healthful, not Toxic

I do not understand why sometimes people only reach out to you for this 2 reasons:

1. They need something from you, wether money or a favor. And you don’t hear from them until the next time they need it. Like you only pop in their mind for this purpose.

2. They want to share stories with you that makes you look bad with your choices. Wether they mean well or not it is just plain wrong to laugh at you, make you feel stupid or the worst person and mocks you.

This can be toxic. And it only makes the person dread when suddenly out of the blue you appear in their life just to suck life out of them. Maybe try one day to be a giver of life, hope, understanding and peace for a change. Try to do something good for them, and sometimes it’s not pushing what you know but to listen to what you don’t. Keep Peace!

Question of the day?

When is the last time you truly cared? Not to get something out of it but just making someone’s day.

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