Hakuna Matata

Last night i had a hard time dozing to sleep, my mind was just busy grinding. On hindsight, it was a waste of time. Now i am reminded of what I would often tell someone then, who thinks too much,  “Don’t worry about something that has not or may not happen. It is a waste of energy, think of happy thoughts and be positive.” When you have gone through too many hurts and mistakes you tend to be more cautious. Most grown ups do, because at some point we are all scarred. At work my mindset is always “Think one step ahead.” It is a challenging thing and not stressful because as my good friend puts it.. “its always good to be challenged, keeps us on our toes. As long as it’s the  reasonable type.” Thought provoking perhaps. Haha! To think of something happy, creative, challenging thoughts is good & healthy for the brain. Worrying, obviously not. Nothing comes out good about it but negativity and you wouldn’t want where it can take you. Rather live in freedom… Hakuna Matata.

Big Sur

Today am gonna share with you a photo of one of my solo cruisin’ taken at Big Sur. I am so proud of this trip because it was my first long drive if you consider 2-3 hours one way long drive. Haha and at the most scenic route Highway 1 in the pacific coast. Looking at this photo it inspires me to never be afraid to explore and see the world. Yeah yeah I am such a boring old wishful thinker but I don’t mind I am happy to just be. 🙂

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