a fool’s day

if yesterday was bad, today was worst. and i wish at the end of the day someone will say Happy April Fools day! that it was just all a prank — but it wasn’t. moments like this i wish i was not a grown up that i was just another little kid without a care in the world, that everything was just a game and that it will be over soon. these are what we call life’s lessons that can make or break us. a crossroad. i wonder how many more crossroads i will encounter because i am getting tired. it is not about getting old or the number added to my years. it’s just the cycle that never seems to end and i’m getting weary. i miss a loved one when i’m crashed with a predicament like this. knowing he was around was enough of a comfort for me that i will be alright because he makes sure i will be. he will fight for me. even when he was miles a way just the thought that he is in my life, I feel safe. right now i need to be tough because i had to be. my knight in shining armor has left me to face life’s battle alone, and yes a lot of people say i am such a strong woman for everything that i have gone through. but even a superwoman gets tired. i can just sigh and say… i hope tomorrow is kinder because i can’t always roll with the punches every single day. 

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