thoughts on paper

I miss the sound of how the pen flows on the paper as I write on my diary or journal. But so much more the comfort that it brings as I pour my thoughts and the waves of emotions that my heart feels. I don’t have a gift as a writer, I don’t even have perfect grammar. Professional editors perhaps would find a lot of errors but that is not why I write, to be corrected. I write because of 2 things only to be heard and to inspire. I am aware of course that I will have critics and maybe haters in the future. Not everybody will agree with my thoughts that is a fact of life. I may even be misunderstood by the very persons that I hold dear in my life. You can not please everybody. And that should not stop me from doing a purpose that means to bring goodness or hope to others who may need it. Life is a risk, a gamble, a hit or miss… whatever the outcome how you deal with it speaks so much of who you are and what you aim of becoming. And there is never a wrong way because we are all work in progress… everyday we are given a chance to correct a mistake or to become better persons. This too is a self-reminder.

And so I am back at microblogging. 😊✌️

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