Dawn Realizations

It’s dawn here, had fallen asleep while watching tv with my work attire still on. I was so sleepy the whole afternoon must be the meds that i took. Anyways…here I am musing since sleep has not kick in.
Things that i came to realized…

* A controlling person will always say she’s right and when she doesn’t get what she wants she breaks you off.
* Some people will choose friends over family, others want to forget they got family.
* This is a constant line that I often hear… when you got everything everybody likes you, but when you’re broke and stripped of everything suddenly they turn their backs on you. Still holds true.
* If you want to keep your marriage never ask advice from a single person or a divorcee. The former has no idea while the latter well, for very obvious reasons.
* True friends even when you don’t see them everyday, even when they lived miles away, when you get the chance to talk they always know the right things to say.
* Even with the distance my marriage with my husband has its trials like any other marriage and somehow despite all odds, despite every negativity that we hear, we remain strong and faithful to our marriage.
* Long distance relationship is not for everybody…those who are weak and has very little faith will not endure.
* Some people when they need something from you they suddenly pop out from nowhere to ask you favors and the rest of the time they’re nowhere to be found or at least pretend maybe you don’t exist.
* I used to think that since love is strong, financial issues will never have a room in a relationship. I was wrong I believe every relationship or marriage will be tested on that. With God’s grace I am thankful that we have overcome that.
* Being married to Ron is a bittersweet experience and we’re doing a good job at keeping our marriage whole.
* Lastly… you can choose who you can call a family one that embraces you even when you are not at your best…even when you’ve not made good decisions they will never say anything to make it more hurtful…even if that family is just one person.

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