In one of my previous posts I wrote about things I would want to say to someone but just couldn’t tell it to his/her face. I actually got that idea from Ms. Lea’s multiply site which she also got from another blogger. There’s no mention of names just the thoughts you would have desired to say. And so, I’m gonna do it again. 🙂 Here goes…

*There’s nothing wrong if you speak-up, God gave you a mouth not just to put some food in it. But to be an instrument to vocalize what’s on your mind. It’s like television it doesn’t make sense if we see the action but there’s no audio.

*What changed you so suddenly?

*Don’t stop believing in your self, you are bound for greatness.

*So whose side are you really on? Or do you really just enjoy getting all the information.

*Don’t use your sickness to take advantage of peoples kindness, don’t use it either to manipulate others.

*Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge. It warms the heart and cools the sting.

*What you know may not be the only solution. Actually it’s not.

*I admire you’re patience, thank you for giving your understanding and support,

*Please don’t think only of the benefit that you can get, you must know that the world doesn’t solely revolve around you.

*Please don’t abuse her kindness…you better be good or you’ll get sacked sooner than you thought.

*I may not see but God sees.

*I miss talking to you.

*Be real.

*You gotta say it even if its hurtful. Sometimes you really do need to whack someone in the head.

*Freedom is not fought freedom is how you choose to live.

That’s all for now. Gotta enjoy my Macchiato! Ahhh sweet life. 😉

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