It’s a sunny day once again on a Saturday, woke up early even when I came home around 1am after watching Harry Potter 6 with my girlfriends; which by the way I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a few days ago. It’s a great book, really had me glued to my bed during the weekend. Today, storm seems to be taking the weekend off. I wish I could go on an out of town trip. I’ve been thinking for months on doing a road trip every weekend, alone. Just to explore cities I have never visited here in Luzon. I’ve been itching to push pins again on the map that’s been hanging on my wall frozen. Yes I am an adventurist I am most happy when I am out there exploring and experiencing life to the brim, I miss riding buses randomly. But I did that when I was in the comfort of my hometown down south in Mindanao. So if do pursue this bizarre weekend journey it would be a first. Scary maybe but if I will never do it I may wonder later on what it might have felt if I did what I dream of doing. Fear sometimes hinders as of the things that we want to do and when we concede defeat to fear we fall short on achieving what could have given our spirit a dose of high energy. I often visit Airline websites just to check if they have promo fares that will just cost me 2K or less roundtrip. Just the thought of staying overnight and having a quick tour in the city excites me. I know my digital cam which is my best ally and my idle Handy Video Cam will be elated to be of use finally.

I am quite aware of the risk on venturing to territories I have never been to. But isn’t that what exploring is about? A friend and I used to imagine having a joyride outside the boundaries of our hometown with our dream cars when we were still in college. I still haven’t own my dream car same with my friend but we did succeed in exploring places beyond the boundaries of our comfortable city and we even reached places outside the country. I remember the time when I was in Singapore I explored the city alone on the 2nd day because my friend was too sick to tour around. It was funny and fun experience. I know I was ignorant with their MRT but I did know how to figure it out even if one gorgeous guy was grinning from ear to ear like he is really enjoying one of my most embarrassing moment. That makes him not so gorgeous. Ha-ha! It was really easy to go around I even reached the area where it was mostly dominated by Indians. Then I strolled on the streets of Chinatown where a gorgeous guy whom I asked to take my picture, offered to tour me around. I turn down the offer I know I am a daring adventurer but not really that reckless to go with strangers. I guess I was able to explore the city from end to end. I successfully toured the whole Sentosa Island the whole afternoon. Thanks to my handy map and luckily Singaporeans knows the English language, I am never afraid to ask for directions even to a stranger, if it was my husband it might have taken him the whole day to know his way around. I wonder why some men don’t want to ask for directions even if they know they are already lost. LOL! (If my husband is reading this — I love you dear! J )

I feel the urge to explore Luzon while I am still here in PI for somehow I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel (crossing my finger) and it is up to me now if I want to get there fast or just a little longer. Often times my colleagues at work would tell me to enjoy my time while I have no kids yet. For when they do come all your time will be spent for them. The thought of that doesn’t scare me I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life time taking care of my loved ones I believed I have come full circle in caring for myself and life did taught me so much that I am ready to teach my future off-spring, train them to be ready enough before they can explore and experience life on their own just like what I did. But I wish for them to be better persons than who I am. For now while I have time all my own I’ll celebrate life while I am still fit to be reckless on the road. As what I often tell my friends while I still have hands to hold a rope or grab a rock while climbing a mountain or paddle and swim on beautiful beaches; while I still have strong legs to stroll and walk around interesting places; while my eyes can still clearly see the beautiful creation of God; while I can still clearly hear the waves and the gushing of the wind as it caresses my skin. While I can still feel the awesome experience of being fully alive…I will.

I just checked my compass and its pointing North… watch out for it. 🙂

Wherever you are…Good Morning, Good Evening & Good Night!

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