His Thoughts on a Pedestal

I have been pondering what to write this week I really get exhausted at the end of the day. What came to mind at first was to make a list of random questions that came to mind time and again whether it made sense or not. Then I thought of writing about embarrassing moments and my own funny bloopers in life but I was not in the mood to walk down memory lane. Then I thought of sharing my own guide on how to handle a long distance relationship but I haven’t completed it yet and I guess I would be more credible to write about it when I finally get to join my husband soon. Oh yes my husband, my lifesaver as always just saved my ass for this week’s blog.
Seldom do I blog, post entries or photos that involves my husband for the reason that he’s the one thing that I would want to be kept private and protect most of all. We both hate questions at the moment, we believed we don’t owe anyone explanation, just to each other. Sorry guys that’s how it works for us. J He’s someone I treasure the most and I am pretty proud that we have taken care of our relationship pretty pretty well. When you love someone you want to protect that person from other people’s critical remark. Right now, I am confident that he has proved himself to be the man who deserves to grow old with me. So I am going to put him into a pedestal for this week’s blog I will share with you a poem he wrote for me recently with that you can know just a bit of who is. Here’s a link to the poem he posted in his blog site… ladies and gentlemen presenting on centerstage (grins proudly)
“The Distance Between Us” By: Ronald Caligan

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