Positive Note

Time flies so fast we’re now in the middle of 2009 and yet nothing seems to improve. Instead everyone suffers from the financial crisis that shocked everyone last quarter of 2008. Prices are going up and yet people’s earning stays the same, some even needs to be cut-down and worst a lot of people lost their jobs. There was a strange change in the weather like storms in the middle of summer that we had to briefly enjoy lazing at the beach. Often times plans have to be postponed or cancelled that some people got disappointed. A lot of people got sick some with old age, some of malnutrition, some due to negligence and now there’s even a breakout of a new disease which I believe never fails to be present on the daily evening news. Some broken links here and there some lost their loved ones and some relationships just came to a halt. And many other disheartening circumstances.

At this point in time it does get exigent to stay optimistic for the coming days…weeks…or years. It seem like it will take a lifetime or more before things will become better. But that’s the pessimistic side of me that thinks so. We should not lose hope for we have a merciful God who always wants the best for us and I know that in time as long as we remain faithful in Him things will become better. Here are a few random suggestions to stay in the light, to feel the warm of sunshine even in the midst of a chilly dark storm.

1. Everything comes to an end. If joyous moments do come to an end then so must be those sorrowful and suffering times. Everything that we experience is temporary.

2. Live every moment without regret and blame.

3. Always look at the bright side, if it rains it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the moment, you can cuddle at home with your loved ones or if you’re single you can read a good book and enjoy a hot cup of Chocó. Staying at home can even help you save money you don’t need to spend anything. And it’s a good opportunity to stay away from the traffic and loud people as well. There will always be something good out of every situation.

4. If you have nothing good to say, shut up. As much as possible be in good terms with everyone. Be the reason for a harmonious relationship instead of causing a rift.

5. Forgive past mistakes, try to forget the pain. It takes time to sincerely forgive but when it comes I know that the pain has subsided and will eventually be forgotten for if not then most probably you have never really forgiven.

6. Enjoy the simple things in life. Sometimes when we have so many resources we equate happiness with what money can buy. That when the time comes we lack of it we think that we are the most useless person in the world. Remember that what genuinely make us happy are those what money can’t buy. The kind of happiness that doesn’t end after a few seconds, minutes, or hours or days. But a lifetime.

7. Build relationships and keep it solid. Never use and abuse otherwise karma will get back at you.

8. Try new things, constantly educate yourself so you will not be left behind and always be open for opportunities that can make you grow. Don’t be afraid to spread your wings.

9. Share, donate or just simply make someone smile.

10. Never compare your self, there will always be someone above or below you. Just be and constantly strive to become better and better. We all have our moments to shine.

11. If you are the kind who can easily be influenced as much as possible avoid loud, insecure, pessimistic people for they can be the reason for the clouds of doubt that hover over your head.

12. It’s good when you have many acquaintances it can be advantageous in your business as a network. But keep your real friends to a minimum those that you know will be there for you until you have grey hair, who will stand up for you, those who can slap you when you sort of gotten possessed by bad spirits in short those who can honestly advise you that you’re going towards the wrong direction or frankly tell you “you just acted like a jerk…apologize.” Most importantly those friends that even after long years of being apart and whom you can call at 3am for a chat will always make you feel good after you hang-up the phone.

13. Constantly communicate with family, with every opportunity you get hug them, kiss them and let them know how much they mean to you more than anything else.

14. Pray Pray Pray

That’s all for now, I know there’s more but some of them you may discover your self and do share them too. You never know how you can change someone’s life for the better with just a positive thought. Good Vibes Always!

Wherever you are… Good Morning, Good Evening & Good Night!

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