Sailing with Mrs Potts & Mrs. Grill

The best books are those written by the heart and not by the mind. Because what the heart says touches the souls of others.

The best stories I wrote were those times when my heart was broken. I don’t pour out my pain on other people instead I go on isolation and spend my silence with Him. Like spend it on a retreat, solitary moments with nature or just taking a long ride on a bus. I reflect… I pray… then I write. Few people have read my writings then, only those who can understand the folly of love. There are rare times too that I open up, but they can be counted with the number of fingers in one hand. I consider them as the people with Wisdom for they have far more experience in life than I do. What makes it comfortable to talk with them is that when they listen they really listen with their heart and not with their mind that grinds as it is trying to process for some solution while you are narrating your story or issue. This wise people don’t shove their intelligence to your face like they know-it all but they don’t, instead they help you discover the answer yourself.
I few years back I was on board a ship to some place away from home. I was going to start a new life and mend a broken heart. On the cruise I met Mrs. Potts; it was during lunch time when I got to share a table with her. She was probably on her 50’s and she was fair, tall and little bit on the heavy side. We didn’t share the same cabin but we became mates during meal time. She was a nice woman to talk to and she shared a lot of stories including that of her unsuccessful marriage. But despite the sad story she remained strong and beautiful and a good person. When we arrived at the pier I got to meet her son, John and his wife and their kids. They were all beautiful and very kind to me even if I was a stranger. I believe they were grateful that I was there to give company to their mom during the trip. They were kind enough to give me a ride and I feel blessed I experienced that.
On another trip but this time going back home on board a ship again. I met another lady, Mrs. Grill. I think she was in her 40’s and she talks a lot. Sometimes a little too much but I guess she needed to talk about whatever she felt like talking because I believe she can’t talk about it when her children are around. On her own on that trip I became the prey…oppsss, I mean the listener that I believe she longed to talk to. Guess what? Another separated woman. She’s different though from Mrs. Potts…tougher. Probably it’s because she’s a bit younger and the separation seem a bit fresh the reason for such emotion on her story. But I can see how passionate she is to her kids and she is really proud of how she brought them up to become responsible and good persons.
Both women share the same story of unsuccessful marriage but despite that demise they hold the most wonderful gift out of that marriage, children who have grown up to be good and successful persons. Somehow, something good must have happen during the marriage. When I look back now I have this thought in mind, “maybe those two women were angels.” I was mending a broken hearted with a guy who just didn’t have the heart to love me us much as I did when I met them. Maybe, they were there to tell me, “Forget him or you’ll end up like us.” Now that’s kinda hilarious. LOL! But maybe they were really there to hold that invisible sign “Move on! He’s not worth it.” Hmmm…, If I was really nuts then, I wouldn’t mind ending up like them at least I have good and beautiful children. But that would be another Story. ;P

As we sail through life we discover that the people who make us laugh out loud are the strangers and acquaintances that we meet briefly in our lives and the people who can hurt us the most are the people who we love so dearly and hold close to our heart. Right? 🙂

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