25 + 25

25 Dreams and 25 Realities….

Just random things about me. 🙂 The first part is a repost from my facebook account. The 2nd part well, just one of those nights when you pondered who you were and what you’ve become. Pretty hard really it took me hours pounding my head to remember stuff and pondering on what I want to do. Either way I find my life colorful and really really blessed. It’s all worth it. 🙂

There are more than 25 things about me… they are all jumbled in my head.
But I’m too lazy to write it down… a little mystery keeps the excitement. ;P
To put it in a nutshell… you must have known me for at least 5 years then you’ll
know what the 25 or 25,000 things about me. Just figure it out. Good Luck!

I’ll share with you though the 25 things I would wanna do

1.) Ride a big red balloon. from one city to another. When I’m 40 I’ll ride it from USA to Canada. (lol!)
2.) Climb a majestic mountain…will maybe 2. One covered with snow and the other one an endless sea of green green grass…and lakes and spring here and there.
3.) Bungee Jump
4.) Sky Dive
5.) Go to another Asian country this year (Japan or Korea or Singapore again?!)
6.) Camp overnight at Stonehenge
7.) Dance under the star in Paris even when there’s no music.
8.) Play “patentero” under the rain with childhood friends when we hit 50 or maybe when we all have silver gray hair!
9.) Bonfire at the Maldives with high school and college friends while we talk about crazy stuffs, green jokes, spoofs and maybe ghost stories too when we reach the mid-life crisis (are we not there yet? Lol!).
10.)Drink beer with the “Limbaroks” in Germany’s Oktuberfest.
11.)Own a Yacht and cruise the Caribbean
13.)Write a book
14.)Ride a big blue whale and swim with the dolphins.
14.)Beat Shakira on Belly Dancing. ;P
15.)Hug the oldest and wisest person in the world.
16.)Photograph the MOST… Beautiful Person, Beautiful Place, Beautiful Thing and Beautiful Moment.
17.)Go Roadtrippin’ & Food Trippin’ in Europe.
18.)Randomly ride buses and trains and just get lost in Uncle Sam’s Land of the free, home of the brave.
19.)Group Hug with my family when we get reunited as in complete attendance.
20.)Learn to cook healthy food for my Ronald.
21.)Wake up every morning with a kiss from him.
22.)Watch every sunset with him.
23.)Have a Baby/s
24.)Write a song/lullaby and sing it to my child.
25.)Preach the Goodnews. 🙂

I know, I know… I am a dreamer, I value relationships and I love my family.
My aunt once told me that when you dream… dream big, dream high. It’s free.
Anyway, Life is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you’ll gonna get. Good Vibes Always!


25 Random Things About Me…

1.) My nanny was a Guy and on his watch I fell off from an immobile Motorcycle. Thus the oldest scar I have is the one under the bushes of my left eyebrow. My first time to be in an emergency room. I got stitches at the age of 2. Miraculously my eyes were not damaged. Lucky Babe.

2.) My sisters and I used to form a singing group every December when we were kids. I would always be their guitarist. My guitar was an empty tissue box of my mom and I would place rubber bands as strings. Creative eh?! Well, I believe I was more of a mascot than the guitarist. Hehehe, but I believe it was because of me who made us earn more in caroling. They were amused that is. LOL!

3.)The first time that I have ridden a boat was when I was 4 or 5. My mom would always tag me along when we buy supplies in Cebu for the business. Fare was free until I reached the age of 7 which entitles me half of the regular fare. My mom continued to tag me along every year until I was 12 all the while she would declare that I was still 7. I was under height and under weight in my grade school days.

4.)I used to love and play with dogs when I was little but I almost got bitten by our neighbors dog. I still love dogs and adore watching their cuteness but I just can’t seem to hold them…scared of their fangs.

5.) In my 33 years we have taken care of 5 dogs… 4 have gone to heaven: Blacky & Rocky (Askals…were given by my tito dodong) were poisoned by thieves, Poochie (Chinese Pikingese… given by Tito Tanting) died after giving birth her puppies died too, Chuchay (Poodle/Terrier… just knocked on our door one day I mean barked on our door one day as if to say… “adopt me!” and we did.) She died of old age. She is my favorite. Popoy is the boy who lives! The naughtiest and kinda stupid. Hahahaha! I don’t know much about this doggie yet but he surely loves that he no longer has to wait if he can snatch a food from chuchay.

6.) My very first job was to sell yema to my classmates when I was in Grade 1 or 2, which my sisters made. I have no commission whatsoever or salary. It was done for free and for experience. Aw, I get to have a free yema I think those that I did not get to sell. LOL!

7.) My very first income was earned when I was 10 or 11. Our neighbor was in Forestry, we did soil bagging (used for plating trees). For every bag, we earned 25 or 50 cents I am not sure. When we were done I spent my earnings on stationery, I guess and we treated our selves to SMOKEY’S in Ororama. LOL!

8.) I learned to buy bread when I was 4 or 5, it was in Choice Bakery located in Pabayo St.(between Gaerlan and Agustin) that I would always be asked to buy for merienda. Then It was on Ah Fat Bakery. Until college I was the one who will be asked to buy bread I believed I have been into all bakery shops that opened in Divisoria. Even now when I am in my hometown when I am out of the house my mom would text “Jude, paghapit sa Kathryn’s pagpalit ug tasty bread kanang large.” That’s me, “Gingerbread.” 🙂

9.) My first crush was Ramil my classmate when I was in Grade 1. Hahahaha! He was cute maayo na lng dili na ko kadumdum sa iyang surname.

10.)I have a strict and disciplinarian father when I was still in school. We were not allowed to go out after school time, must be at home by 5pm, not allowed to attend parties even proms and graduation ball. I was an obedient child but there were times when I would like to enjoy a little freedom. I would ride a jeepney, like Patag liner. I would get off from the same area where I got on. Joyride lang. 😀

11.)I am a great fan of my father’s speeches, whenever my father would be a speaker at parties I would really listen I am the proudest person in the crowd. 🙂

12.)My father asked me to run as Barangay Counsilor when I was 18. He wrote my speech for the meeting de avance which was in pure deep visaya that some words I can not even understand. Even so, I believe people got impressed and were convinced, I was # 4. I was the youngest member of the Council they were all in their 40’s the SK Chairman was even older than me. Hahaha!

13.)My mom is my worst critic but it is her that inspires me to do my best.

14.)I used to write poems and short stories, those were the days when I can only admire someone from afar. Ayayyyy…

15.)Kapuy naman huna-huna, 11 more to go…. My mom would always buy identical clothes for me and my sister Em when we were young , that people would often think we were twins, mine would always be the girly shades while hers are the strong tones. No wonder she’s more tough than me. I found out from Tita Ging that Lola did the same thing to her and mom. 😀

16.)I love Shake(Salmon) Sashimi especially at Sumo Sam’s but nothing beats my all time favorite food — my Papa’s famous Kinilaw.

17.)I love all shades of blue and purple. I hate neon colors and shocking ones.

18.)I don’t like band-wagoning I always take the road less traveled.

19.)I am not trendy or “pauso” I wear what’s comfortable without coming out as “baduy or jologs”.

20.)I love to smell good all the time and I love it when people around me smells good too. Kung anghit ka palayo na lang kay I will definitely sneeze. If I sneezed and you’re the person near me it means wa ka naligo. Hahahaha!

21.)I am not scared to ride planes, trains, boat… not even when I have to travel alone. I have met a lot of interesting people in my travels. 🙂

22.)I love writing, that I realized. I used to write long letters to my aunt when I was a kid. I kept a journal since high school until I got married . Now I do blogging when I can find the time to write something inspiring or just to simply share my thoughts.

23.)I’d rather be safe than sorry…. I’d rather save than go broke.

24.)I hate Manila’s Friday traffic, Holiday traffic, Bitchy Taxi drivers, “Kalawangon na” Taxi cabs, Jampacked MRTs, Polluted air and public commuting. Maka-highblood. Toxic.

25.) I love to travel… I love to eat labi na kung libre mas mo lami, I enjoy roadtrips, I love laughing with my friends, I love being married to my bestfriend and I love the thought of being happy again tomorrow. 🙂

Believe it or not… I completed this note in 4 hours. Haaaayyyy..
Wherever you are… Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good Night.

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