Counting Raindrops

Looking back 2008 has not been such a good year… and we thought # 8 is such a lucky number. There were a lot of tragedies, deceit, downfall and failures. That is if you focus on the negative and magnify it.

There were things that made me sad…

* When i have to leave my work of 2 years which means seeing some of my friends much lesser like seeing them only on holidays… if we get lucky to have the time.

* When I was hospitalized for 2 straight days and was on dextrose for the very first time in life. And my mom was to leave for the US on my 2nd day. So sad to be alone on the hospital room. Now I understand why we need to visit the sick and the dying… its just so lonely and you feel more sick.

* When I neglected some people and some opportunity because I focused on just one person.

* When Chuchay died.

* My auntie narcing and uncle daniel died

* People in my family got sick now and then

* Reality bites.

There are might be a long list…. but I’d like to look back on the blessings to and be thankful.

* My husband came home and spend the summer with me after quite a long time.

* Though i left work my collegues kept their door and friendship open for me.

* I have shared with the poor what little I have in my own simple way.

* My mom’s dream to travel outside the Philippine’s came true.

* My sister came home and spent longer time at home after years of being away for study & work.

* New opportunities for my family.

* A stronger relationship with my husband.

* I was healed from hyperthyroidism.

* I worked again and living independently in Manila.

* I gained weight in a good way.

* I reconnected with old friends.

* I have more roadtrips and more will come. 🙂

* I am blessed with friends who welcome me in their home like family

* I am blessed with friends who when my car breaks down will still go and ride the bus with me. (bisan wala gud koy car. hehehe)

* I have parents who will always welcome me with open arms when I am home despite of my shortcomings.

* I have sisters who I can count on whenever i holler for help.

* I have a big little brother who is ever ready to give me a hug and a goodnight kiss on my forehead.

* I have in-laws who are supportive.

* I have remain strong in faith and I remain hopeful. And good things continue to happen and whenever not so good things happen God makes sure I can always handle it.

* I have helped a friend who is at her lowest and nothing is more fulfilling than giving someone the chance to live as she deserves.

* I completed my Simbang Gabi for the very first time. 😀

* I am happy to be spending my christmas holidays for 10 days in my home town.

* I am happy to walk every single day with the Lord.

There is a long list and I am thankful that God showered me with so much blessings. If it drizzled in sadness in some days blessings come in storm. 😀

Wherever you are…

Good morning & Good night! ;P

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