Manga-on Na!

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Inspiration: Family

A friend asked me a question once which he warned me might stress me out. I got intrigued and told him to shoot away because I like to make my mind grind. “What is the one thing that is constant in this world?” he asked.

I readily answered… Change. That was easy, I thought.

Then he asked “what is the one thing that doesn’t change in this world?”

Love, was my first answer. He said that it can change at some point in time, at least the intensity and to some they can choose to stop loving someone and love another. He has a point; that is why I don’t believe that first love never dies. The memory is there it can never be erased but the feeling may no longer be there. It’s just a memory that can either make you smile or frown or nothing at all.

Then I said…Faith? I was not sure because I know that every human is weak at some point in their lives. And our faith falters because we know we lack something that only the Mighty God can fill.

“Is that an answer or a question? Or are you already stressed out?” he teased.

Clue please!

“When you were born you already have it and ‘til you die you have them.

I pondered some more… now I am stressed out, answer please.


When you were born you did not choose who your parents will be God choose them for you and so are your siblings. They are there for a reason they are not just there to watch you grow and go but they are there to give meaning to your life. And even when you are far from them or when you don’t see them for a long time it remains that you are a family. Even if you don’t like to have them around all the time you will still look for them at some point in time. Even if you go away and leave and thought of never coming back you will still come home and forget you thought of the latter. Even if you thought that spending time with friends and people outside the family circle are much better company you will realize some day that they are just passersby and some just don’t stay for long. But your family is there to stay no matter how annoying they can be.

We continue to build relationships outside the family circle and the web constantly grows but the core makes us who we are and is our pillar of strength. When everything else will fall apart we know that they will remain to be there for us.

Today I thought of my family, it is a Sunday. I ate alone in my coffee table and a tear got caught in my eye. I missed eating in our huge table. Yah, I do miss the food my mom deliciously cooks but more so I missed their presence. Even if we were not a noisy bunch during meal time the comfort of their presence around the table is something I will value now.

Next time my mom calls out “manga-on na!” For sure, I will be the first one to respond on that call.

(Advance Happy Birthday Mom!)

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