Stardust and Wishes

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Soundtrack:Stardust by Nat King Cole

Inspiration: Fireworks

I was going to write about my Christmas wishes in the past but I guess I am having memory problem nowadays. I could not remember my Christmas wishes anymore, either that or I never really made wishes. All I can remember was the My Melody watch that I asked from my father when I was 9 but it never came. When I was so much younger (with emphasis) I rarely ask for anything in particular during Christmas but that I would anticipate that I would open more gifts than my sisters. LOL! For me opening gifts is really fun and to never anticipate what’s inside is more fun than hoping you get what you wish for. But if you do get what you wish for that’s a bonus. I’d rather be surprised though. J

I take whatever is given to me am always happy when I receive something whatever it is whether it’s big or small, expensive or cheap, something useful or not . Whatever it is that I receive I am always grateful and I never fail to say Thank You. Somehow it’s not the thing that is given to me that really makes me happy but the thought that they thought of me and took the time to look for something to show me that they care is more meaningful. So if you’re planning to give me a gift on Christmas (hehehe assuming) just follow what your heart tells you and for sure whatever it is you give me will really make me smile and maybe I will even jump for happiness.

Last Friday, my good friend Robert and I were going to meet our former officemate, Ellen, at the Mall of Asia. While looking for a place to park which I believed it took us 4-5 times circling the area. I told him he is wasting gas and he’s just like a kid driving his toy car round and round. He has this habit of driving around an area a couple of times before he can decide where to park and sometimes he does so while he is talking on the phone. “Pasaway”. Anyway, while we drove around a fireworks show begun so we decided to stop on the roadside near the bay area to watch it. At the outset it was not that grand… “mura ra ug pisik-pisik matud pa ni Roberto.” But as it progressed I was like a kid again amazed by the dancing lights in the sky. And the finale… my gosh! it was like fairy tale it was raining stardust in Manila bay. I have seen more grand fireworks in Hongkong Disneyland but I guess I am always a kid when I see fireworks it never fails to excite the kid in me. I really have very simple joys I am so easy to please. J

I don’t make a Christmas wish but I do make a wish when I see the first star that shines at night or the brightest star. I don’t wish for things I only wish one thing to Mr. Star ever since I learned how to love another person and that’s a secret between us. 🙂

Wishes and fireworks are not just for children but also those who are kids at heart.

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