Kesong Kayumanggi

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A year ago I decided to leave the rat race due to health conditions. It took half a year before I was let go by my boss. I actually love that job and the people I work with no matter how challenging it was. Although sometimes they do rock my brains others annoy me and some are just plain weird but despite of all that, I Belong. It was there that became more confident and assertive, and they taught me how to laugh out loud ’til your stomach aches and you start crying. Crazy happy people! J I was trusted by my employer and they believed in my capability. Even with out a spoken praise or hardly received, the thought that I was given a responsibility that was almost like saving a house on fire was something done with faith.

After 6 months of hibernation and a flabby belly I felt I was getting lazy as the days pass. Vacations do end and mine was looooong overdue. I decided to hunt for a job in Manila. Why Manila? Because I can do things independently, make decisions on my own and be responsible for it. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate every advice or suggestions offered from family or friends but I can move and live my life if I know the choice made was mine and not someone else. And I don’t underestimate CDO either, it’s a booming city and it is a nice place to retire someday, it’s just that I made a choice to be here in Manila. That’s it. No long explanation what so ever. My stay here is temporary though for the reason that I believe almost everybody knows. It’s in the works guys so spare me the questions it’s getting corny and annoying. Hehehe! For sure, I’ll bring the news when it comes. Sit back and relax and don’t worry about someone else problem. 😀

So now I am back in the rat race. In the city of Makati where there are a lot of road runners, crocodiles, crabs, sharks, snake etc. But when I think about it, they are really in every business establishments from Aparri to Jolo. It’s just that Makati or Manila is a bigger venue thus, the huge population of the sharp tooth amphibians. LOL! I sent applications online, there were lots of job hiring for accountancy left and right. My friend’s home phone line was burning with calls from those I sent applications there was even one time where there were 4 companies who scheduled an interview for me all in the same day. Fully book akong beauty. I had to refuse some, especially when I found out they are an agency or local business outsourcing. I enjoyed all my interviews I never really felt nervous because I have been on that side too, interviewing applicants. Somehow I know what the interviewer wants and how they feel towards the applicant in front of them. I was just talking spontaneously and like I am having a conversation over coffee with the interviewer.

I remember when I had this guy applicant from my last job. While I was listening to him it was obvious that he really memorized what he was going to say, I was really amused that I can’t help to smile and laugh a bit in front of him when he was done talking. LOL! I thought to myself, “gosh, I must sound like him before, some answers are scripted.“ Years ago when I go to interviews, the night before I would research for usual questions in an interview and practice in answering them on writing. And I would read it over and over again when I’m done. LOL! So much work! By the way I hired that guy! ;P

2 weeks after my arrival in Manila and 2 weeks after online application and personal interviews I am back in the rat race. I hope the cheese is never stale. 😛

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