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Soundtrack:Let’s Get Physical
Inspiration:Miss Piggy

I have been itching to write for weeks. At any given time or place something or a situation will inspire me to write or maybe with just one word I’d hear I can create a story about it. But the moment I sit in front of the computer, my mind goes blank. I guess sometimes negative energy sucks out the good vibes that by the time I hit the keyboard I forgot what had inspired me minutes or hours ago. Other times there are too many things going on around me (and in my head) that I feel too exhausted to write or share something. I never want to write when I feel bad or too stressed because as much as possible I want this blog to be guilt free and nothing else but good vibes.

The last three weeks has been a rollercoaster ride for me but the details or the gist of it will be shared in another post. I noticed that for the past weeks my tummy has been chunky like those of the Teletubbies minus the antenna. No, I’m not pregnant I wish I was though so that I can easily say it’s the reason for the flabbiness. Unfortunately, it’s not human that’s growing inside I’m not sure if its star margarine or anaconda. Either way I’ve learned that having a loooooonnnnnnggggggg vacation from work and social life can result to the destruction of your weighing scale. Thank God, I don’t have weighing scale in the house. And to those who know me very well, I’m not obese. Not yet though, I’m not praying for it. Seriously.

In fairness, I enjoy every sumptuous meal and every thing edible I put into my mouth is heaven. Yah, I love to eat more and I dream to be fit and sexier and not thinner or fat. However, when you think that you can not do the things you want to do or what you can do even when you haven’t started it yet you tend to just let things pass you by. You bloat to nothingness. You blow up even when nothing is pumped in.

Whoa…why am I ranting about being fat?! I’m not even really podgy. Blame it on the sleeveless blouse I had made 2 years ago. I was fitting it just awhile back and to my…“holy cow!” my tummy looked like it’s gonna blow up or that tummy is trying to wrestle with blouse. But!… it could be the blouse have shrunk. I guess that would be it.

I guess I should learn to rise earlier so I can experience that energizing morning walk, run some more, climb hills, swim and splash, laugh some more, risk and make mistakes now and then, learn some more, eat some more, get sick sometimes, recover and get well, eat some more and try new dishes, hit the road, get lost, finding my way home, learn some more, feeding my brain and filling my heart with love… and so much more. In short, Live Life like there are no rules and that you have a wide road ahead of you or it may be a narrow one either way make that journey to where your heart will lead you.

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