We Come in Pairs

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Soundtrack: Fly Me to the Moon

Inspiration: HANCOCK

I watched a movie today…alone. I had fun though if you think otherwise.

Totally relaxing and entertaining for me for 2 hours just munching my popcorn and sippin’ my ice tea while viewing Will Smith on the big screen. I Love the Guy! I just hate it that in every good movie he does he always have to give up something, his life or something that he loves. It makes me love him more. Ok I am not going to say anything more in case you still haven’t watched HANCOCK. And this is not a review.

I had a dream a few years back when I have not met my husband yet. It was a weird dream I can still vividly remember it even now. There was a part there where in I was in the midst of wise old silver grey haired men all dressed in white robe. They look so tall and they were happy to see me when I entered the room. I was blessed by one of them. Then one of them led me to a gypsy looking girl. In the sea of white robed men she wore a very colorful dress like all shocking colors were present on it. She held my hand and was like reading my life just by staring at me. Then she said, “There is someone in your life who you love so dearly. But beware of this man, for he can ruin your life.” There was one person who popped into my mind when I was about to ask her if it was him. The gypsy girl got lost in the crowd. Weird. I think I had sweats when I woke up. But that dream haunted me. The place, the people, who all I do not know of and the message they gave me or the dream as a whole.

You might wonder why HANCOCK is related to my dream. Because the movie is not just about super power or a hero but a little romance also defines who HANCOCK is.

I believed that all of us have a soul-mate and not all of us are lucky enough to be married to our twin soul. But there is a divine reason for sure why some could and some could not. For those who could maybe their purpose in life is much better fulfilled together. While those who can’t lives a more fulfilling life apart for if they come together they can either make damages to other peoples lives or destroy their very own. I know things like this happen around us and we don’t need to be like Hancock to find that out. There are married people who meet someone they can connect to more than they can with their spouse. The feeling overwhelms them that if they give in they know it will result to an irreparable damage. I believe the most heroic act a person can do when he knows he could ruin the life of someone he loves is to unselfishly let the person go so that she can live and be happy for what she already has. One must learn to accept their fate and make a stand for the choices they made. Life is queer but that’s just how it is, imagine if life was just all pleasant. It would be boring and pointless.

You might be wondering by now if I have met my soul-mate already. I am not sure if I did but one thing I am sure of I am married to a man who loves me in ways nobody can comprehend. The kind of relationship that we have is one that is being questioned by a lot of people and there are some who attempts to plant a seed of doubt. Intentionally and unintentionally. Through the years I stand by my man and I am here still, believing him and loving him more than yesterday and so much more tomorrow. Anyone who tries to discourage us better stop because a strong marriage will never be broken by a society’s negativity. No man should break what God has joined together.

Oh my! I have been blabbering much tonight… I think Will Smith makes my mind grind. LOL!

Stay cool everyone and give your spouses some huggin’ and kissin’! As for me I told Mr. Moon to blow my man kisses! He always does. *Wink Wink!*

photo courtesy of devianart.com & google.com

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