Keep Walking On Sunshine

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Soundtrack: Sunshiny Day!

Inspiration: A girl friend

I would often times refuse to see what is obvious and hurtful or damaging to ourselves or to people we love. I never believe in hearsay even when a lot of people confirmed it not unless it is coming from the direct person involve. I would rather think of the chance on succeeding than the thought of failing. I choose to see the good despite of the existence of evil. I give chance, I forgive. I am human. I have live a life filled with so much hope I never run out of it even when I almost go empty it is miraculously filled all the time. In a culture where I grew a lot of eyes are prying on your every move. Some of them even get happy when things are against you. So darn NASTY. And you can find them even in the circle you call friends. I am lucky I don’t have one in my circle or I might just be turning a blind eye as usual. No matter what I don’t get bothered because the people who judge you are just escaping their own flaws. They think that by looking at your imperfection or inadequate life it gives them that sense of relief that they are better than you. Let them be happy with that thought. You got more important things to deal with than worry on what other people think. Anyhow we are all having a temporary journey on earth. Each life is lived with uniqueness and should be given with respect for how it is lived. Don’t waste your life on negativity. Stay in the light.

Have Faith… it takes a lot of courage and strength to sustain it but it is the one that keeps your cup always filled with hope and love.

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