Eastern Light

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Soundtrack: i feel good!
Inspiration: my dark knight

A lot of good things happen to me this week.
I have counted the ways and I am thankful for the wonderful blessings…
BIG and small.
I think I don’t have to write them down here one by one.
It is best etched in my heart.
I just want to share to the world that happiness can be found everywhere.
We make them happen with our faith.
Despite of the many bad news that we hear and see on TV,
(which i believe most are news that the Devil are so happy of)
I still believe God does not sleep on Us.
I have fervently prayed this week for a procedure I have to go through on my own.
And I believe with all my heart God was holding my hand all through out.
I felt so safe.

I have not touched my camera for some time now.
When you are at home everyday
there is not much interesting subject to capture.
Before I went to sleep though I took
a picture of my self.
I noticed that the breakouts and acne scar I had 3 months ago
was almost gone.
Ah the rest from stressful work was worth it.

Do you see any traces of worry and stress on my face?I will not trade it for any stressful & backbreaking job at the moment. I am also able to discover more of my talents and skills and not just number crunching or solving someone else problem. I remember then what my husband thought of me when we first corresponded.
That I was a girl who has a lot of potential and a lot to offer the world. And I was his Light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t really see my self that way, but hearing it from him makes me want to become a better person everyday. He inspires me in everything I do and I believe how beautiful I look and feel right now because I am so loved by my man.

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