Monday… what does a bum do on a Monday? Unlike everyone else I don’t have to wake up early just to snooze my alarm clock for another 10 minutes repeatedly. Yah that’s what I do then when I was still in the rat race I usually get out of bed after an hour. LOL! Good for me I was on flexi time. Now I can sleep according to how my body clock works which is usually 4 hours behind from Philippine time. I am not really an insomniac it’s just that sometimes great ideas usually pop-up in the wee hours so I take that opportunity to work on it; and if something has got me engrossed like juicy topics on the net or anything that I am interested on I get attached to the tube or on this flat screen in front of me. It just amazes me to be able to access a lot of information it makes me feel so connected with the world even when I am just sitting here alone in my room. My mom is not happy though that I get to stay up late, not that she is worried that I will lack sleep and get sick but more so that our electric bill will get high. LOL! Oh I love my mom! J

Speaking of mom’s, since it was Monday and it was not raining so I wasn’t down like what the song says. Seriously. Back to the mom… so it was Monday and I usually do grocery on this day because there will be fewer people so I don’t really need to wait on a long line to pay. On the way to the grocery I rode a tricycle, one of the mom of my classmate then who was also our neighbor from the next block was on the same ride. She doesn’t really know me because we were not really introduced and I have a very low profile in our subdivision in fact our next door neighbor doesn’t know my name. But that’s another story. *wink* So while on the road another woman rode the tricycle and my classmate’s mom was so excited because they have not seen each other for a long time. So they exchange updates, I did not mean to eavesdropped but their voices was just so loud. ;P Like they were a mountain away. LOL! Understandably, Filipinos are just a happy bubbly people when a conversation starts up especially with someone we have not seen for a long time. All emotions are being used in almost every sentence. That’s how alive we are. According to her she just came from a city somewhere in the Southeast Asia, she stayed there for a year with her son who happens to be my classmate. Thought bubble on my head: So toa na diay didto si Pepito (not his real name). According to the mother, Pepito invited his parents to stay there for a year, they were excited and wanted to work but Pepito said, “no ma, no need to work you can just see sights here and there, tour the city for short. For 1 year (with emphasis).” Thought bubble on my head: Wow! Bongga na kaayo si Pepito! Then the mother continued to brag on her children’s success…”My Pepita is also going there soon she found work there and my Pepito accepted a consultancy job in Australia so next year Pepito said we might go there for vacation. Thought bubble on my head: Wow! Dili na jud ma reach si Pepito, Super rich na jud sha!. The mother continued on praising her Pepito, “You know what, the earnings of my husband in the Government for a year Pepito earns it in just one month.” Thought bubble on my head: Of course, if you convert dollars to peso it’s 40X bigger but you’re also spending in dollars there. Then she continued, “Oh Pepito sends $500 dollars every month to his dad. Every month (with emphasis). ” Thought bubble on my head: I am sure you have a share. Ikaw nga ata tumatanggap eh. (smirk on my face). The storm is in Luzon but it’s so “mahangin” here in the tricycle. The other woman while consistently nodding and saying ahhh… uyyyy… wow…. sunddenly said, “I heard all your things in the house were robbed while you were gone.” Thought bubble in my head: That was so farfetched from the original topic. My stop came, good thing.

So what does a bum do on a Monday? Learn. ;P

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