My Life’s Dictionary 1.0

Here are three words that I would like to define according to how I have experienced and learned it from life.

Tears – Are feelings not spoken or just couldn’t be expressed in any words because it’s too overwhelming.

Uncertainty – No matter how well planned your life is… life will still give you surprises. You may like it or not, but detours can be good for you. Depends on how you take it.

Hope – It is a choice. Too see light in the dark. Anticipating with confidence on what you desire.

This three words will somehow define how I breath life for the last 4 years. If you asked me how I am holding-up. I am pretty much alive and living my life still with so much zest. It is my choice. This is my life no one has to feel sorry if things are not happening the way we think it should. Raincloud may hover on some days but it’s not every day that it rains. So it is alright to cry… my tears keep me strong. Life’s uncertainty makes us wiser because we just have to keep on improving until we reach perfection. We are not molded for just one day. Hope is my daily vitamin. With out it I may have given up long time ago. Here I am though surviving the years. It is a bittersweet years. I lived no matter. God’s Love and mercy allowed me to face the passing years with Love in my heart…that never waver.

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