An Open Mind

A right is not what someone gives you; it’s what no one can take from you. ~ Ramsey Clark

I have not been blogging for months it just went out of my system for awhile. My work was eating 95% of my time and it was eating up my health as well. That job was so challenging and I loved it but it also gave me lots of trips to my doctor. And when something you think you love is destroying you, you have to let it go. So I quit. Ahhhh… I love the smell of freedom, freedom from stress. I just heard someone on TV said, “Sometimes Freedom is a curse,” I wonder what he freakin’ meant by that. Everybody loves freedom, everyone longs for it. We are all, in some point in our lives get stuck on something that doesn’t allow ourselves to improve or progress and we just want to break free.

After I quit, well I didn’t really sat down and start writing again just because I have nothing to do or work to get busy on instead I celebrated life and enjoyed the summer with my favorite person in the whole wide world, my husband. 🙂 I believe I deserved it, the best treat I got this year.

So summer ends and hubby has to fly back again to the other side of the world. Now I have to start thinking on what to keep me busy. So I thought of reselling some of the products I liked to use. I created my online shop through but I never limit myself on doing business online because I am just starting and there are already established resellers online, there’s pretty much competition on this online business. But I really just do this for the love of the product and having fun sharing it to others…not for free though. 😛 Since I do business offline also I need to have tools to market my product such as brochure, catalog, business card and the like since there are prospect market within my area who doesn’t access the internet that much. That kept me busy and I so loved doing it. I was able to use the creative and artistic side of my brain again (I’ve been dealing with numbers for most of my career life). 🙂 I was so proud of what I have done when it was finished.

At the moment, I need to push myself a little farther on the marketing aspect because I am not really good at it. It’s a new challenge but I am still taking baby steps on this one. The passion is there though, just that I don’t want to overwhelm myself too much or I might experience a “system failure.” Hehehe!

Now here I am, blogging again. Actually my blog site has been tugging me for months I just couldn’t bring myself to write because I realized not all people will appreciate what you’ve written and you could hurt someone along the way even though unintentional. And to hear someone comment on what you’ve written and unfortunately what they have to say is something they are not really happy about, it breaks my heart. Worst if it’s coming from some people you care. You see, my purpose for this blog is to inspire people not to disappoint them. I realized now that’s pretty hard to do and it entails a huge responsibility. And it is asking so much from my self. I am not really some Hero who can save or light up someone’s life. I believe only God can do that.

I am here just to write my thoughts… my train of thoughts. In writing I have the freedom to express my feelings, my thoughts and my passion. I am careful though not to smash up anyone in particular. I may have some opinion of my own on some famous people who are unsurprisingly a frequent target of public’s opinion but I try as much as possible to keep everything in balance. Meaning not to put them in such a bad light because like every one of us, they are not perfect and that makes them human and ordinary like the rest of us. As a writer not every story I have to tell is something you would like to read. You have a choice for that, either you stop reading my blog or you can learn from it by keeping your mind open. 🙂

Freedom lies in being bold. ~ Robert Frost

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