“One who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; one who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.~ Chinese Proverb”

I am fond of using GOOGLE search engine. It leads me to a lot of discoveries, lets me travel back to ancient history and is amazingly generous with informations. Just a word and a push of a button can lead to vast opportunities. How I wish though that it will also give answers about the mysteries of life. I wish it will give solutions to problems. I wish it was capable of forewarning on dangers to avoid, as well as guide on good choices to make. When I was a little kid I remember that I would always stay at the edge of the bed of my parents when they come home from work. Not that I was gonna annoy or ask for material stuff and give them a headache. I was there because I was curious with a lot of things and I wanted to know a lot of things and being a child I trusted and believed that my parents know everything about everything.
I believe that there is never a day that passes that I will not have one question to ask.
I know every one agrees because we all go through the same phase in life.
We grow…we learn
We’re happy…
I have always believed that there is something out there that holds all the answers that every human being search for. It may not worked like Google where you can just push down the button and you got the answer in just seconds. Finding real answers takes time and the real lessons learned are the ones that we get to live by in happiness and in pain every single day.
Google are for those who limit their life in a box just a guide maybe to lead you there. If you want to really learn about life you have to go out and live life to the fullest with nature and exist together with other beautiful creation of God.
Slowly you will find answers, every single day it will unfold beautifully before your eyes you just need to have an open heart so you can receive it.

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